NFF will follow FIFA guidelines on COVID-19 palliatives, says Sanusi

Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Secretary General, Mohammed Sanusi, has assured followers of the game that the federation will adhere to FIFA’s conditions on palliatives when disbursing the money expected from the world football governing body.
FIFA recently disclosed that it would give each member association $500,000 from the yearly operational funds to them, as part of efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic.
Speaking on a Brila FM programme monitored in Lagos, Sanusi said FIFA had always hammered on financial accountability by members, adding that the NFF was ready to abide by the terms under which the funds were made available to the NFF.
“FIFA has rules and regulations, whatever they give, they will tell you how exactly they want you to spend it. So, I will tell you that whatever they give will be spent in accordance with whatever guidelines they give.
“We have also developed a system whereby even after they say do this, do that, by the time we finish, we also send it to them and say this is what we have done, is it in order for us to go ahead?
“Once they give the go-ahead, we will do it. Be rest assured that once the money is received from them, we will use it for the purpose it is meant to serve,” he said.

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